Uri Geller and the Roswell Memory Metal

Our colleague, UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca, talked with Israeli conjuror Uri Geller, who was involved, allegedly, with the Battelle people about the Roswell memory metal, as Anthony Bragalia has reported here.

Jose Caravaca provided this to us about his recent conversation with Geller:


Uri Geller was subjected to a series of experiments within the "Naval Surface Weapons Center on 29 October 1973 and October 1974, with the intention of studying his “psychic powers”. The manager of the project was Dr. Eldon Byrd. One test was performed with a metallic material of last generation, the NITINOL. Curiously according to an official document declassified in 2009 (FOIA), from the Wright-Patterson AFB, where according to most researchers were sent the remains found in Roswell, it was requested, in 1949, the "Battelle Memorial Institute," a private institution dedicated to the scientific study of technology, research and develop materials with molecular memory, one of the most characteristic features described by all witnesses who have had access to foreign material recovered at Roswell (1947).

Experiments of nitinol under the "psychic influence" would have been carried out in the area of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) involving scientists as Fred Wang and Howard Cross. Years later, Commander George Hoover confirmed that the U.S. Navy had been dedicated to reverse engineering using for that material obtained in Roswell. He also said realized experiments in psychical research collaborated Dr. Fred Wang and meanwhile, another involved Dr. Howard Cross participated in the '50s in the official investigation of UFOs the U.S. government. In an interview in 1990, General Arthur Exon, who was stationed in 1960 at Wright-Patterson AFB confirmed the existence of the confidential reports on the Roswell metal. Exon told that he was aware of some of the details on the composition of the remains of the UFO / Crash and variety of tests that are conducted on them, and that such research resulted the nitinol. In addition another involved in the development of nitinol, but only appears in the titles of the declassified document, Elroy John Center said in 1992 that in the sixties have worked with the remains of the UFO crash in Roswell ...

Uri Geller after 41 years remembers the strange events ocurred in Naval Surface Weapons Center. The famous mentalist recalls the participation of at least two scientists accompanying Dr. Eldon Byrd and that one of them had an oriental name. About the nitinol, Byrd said that "it was spacecraft technology, some kind of extraterrestrial technology" ... to the surprise of Geller, who did not quite believe in this information, Byrd adds: "this technology was found in a spaceship." Uri Geller said they did not tell the whole truth about the series of experiments conducted that day, and perhaps the CIA was involved. Between questions put to him, he asked if it was possible to “fly an aircraft with the power of the mind” ... And apparently according to some researchers, the military were fascinated by the possibility that the crew of the Roswell UFO could control with their minds some devices of the aircraft. Geller also noted that their participation was a section more the psychic research were being conducted in that military institution.

Uri Geller knew that the NITINOL was being developed by the "" Battelle Memorial Institute. "

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